open play

We’re available for open play any time during our hours of operation. Our new indoor playspace includes a custom-designed play structure complete with climbing, slides and a ball pit. There are also play stations with kitchens, trains, blocks and books, as well as a room just for LEGO, coloring and arts & crafts.

During open play, parents and caregivers are required to remain on the premises with their children and must sign a waiver prior to entry. Socks are required in all play areas.

While we encourage parents to play with their children, we also have a cafe area serving food and drinks for parents to relax and enjoy.

play rules

  • children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult while visiting Little Bear Play Cafe (LBPC)

  • adults assume responsibility for the safety of their children and LBPC won’t be responsible for any accidents or injuries

  • upon entry, all children are required to have their temperature taken

  • all shoes must be removed prior to entering play area.

  • all children and adults must wear socks while in the play area

  • recommended age for play is under 6 years old

  • no climbing on shelves, nets or fencing inside or outside of play area

  • no running, pushing or jumping off the slide, stairs or furniture

  • no food or drinks are allowed in the play area, and no outside food or drinks allowed

  • please be considerate – no screaming or loud music

  • please watch your own belongings, LBPC won’t be held responsible for any lost belongings

  • no smoking of cigarettes or e-cigarettes is allowed in LBPC